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The version of this agreement in Russian (версия соглашения на русском языке)



  1. We do not have access to your sensitive payment information (full bank account or credit card numbers, CCV codes, etc.).
  2. Your password is stored in encrypted form, so that we can check it for authentication, but we do not have access to it directly.
  3. We do not send your e-mail to anybody.
  4. We use cookies to ensure proper site performance.
  5. We collect your IP address for the purposes of marketing and fraud detection.
  6. Your activity logs and uploaded images may be used in anonymized form for improvement of services, monitoring, P&R, marketing and research purposes, including public reports. Information about private images may be used only in aggregated form, for example to report total uploads count or average algorithm performance metrics (applies to images that had private status during report creation).
  7. Your uploaded images are kept private if you originally make all stylizations using these images private. After you make them public, they may be collected by other users, crawlers, bots and we can no longer ensure their private status.
  8. We do not send your personal information to third parties, except
    1. Google Analytics (for marketing and monitoring);
    2. Yandex.Checkout (to process payments);
    3. Amazon (for cloud data storage);
    4. P&R, marketing and scientific public reports in anonymized and aggregated form. User images, having public status during report creation, may be directly added to the report.


This document applies to all information submitted or collected on the website (referred as the Website). You can register a free account which enables you to use our services (referred as the Services):
  1. upload content and style images;
  2. generate derivative stylized images from content and style images (referred as Stylizations);
  3. share your Stylizations with other users by making them public;
  4. provide feedback to public Stylizations of other users.
The types of personal information collected by Website are: username (public and private), e-mail, user settings, stylization creation settings, uploaded images and images (public and private), created by the Services, activity logs, general payment information (without user sensitive data), cookie files.


The Website does not have access to customer sensitive payment information, such as bank accounts, full credit card numbers and CCV codes. This information is provided only to Yandex.Checkout in order to process payments. Our Website can observe only payment status and restricted payment information such as payment type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), incomplete credit card number (first 6 and last 4 digits), expiry month and year, issuer country and time of payment, that is used only only for provide services, requested by the user, and to process refunds.


All user images, both uploaded and derived, using the Service, can be used for purpoces including monitoring of performance of the Service and Service improvement, administrational monitoring to ensure rules of The Website, mentioned in Terms of Use document, reporting general performance of the Service in public P&R, marketing and scientific public reports. Public images can be publicly reported directly without reference to particular user, while private images can be used in aggregated over multiple images way, such as performance measures over multiple images.

Initially all uploaded images (content and style) and created derivative images (Stylizations) are kept private and not displayed anywhere until you set status respective derivative image (Stylization) to public - this effectively sets status of original images of content and style to be public as well.

Images that were turned to private status after being public are no longer displayed publicly on the Website. But since they could be collected and used before (during their public status) by the Website administrators, crawlers and other users (e.g. other users could add style image involved to their collection while it was public), the Website can no longer ensure their private status.


Your email address and personal username for correspondence are held in strict confidence. This information is used only for the functionality of the Website and provision of its Services, including:
  1. confirming your identity;
  2. provision of personalized services;
  3. notifying you when your stylization creation orders are complete;
  4. informing you about news concerning the Website.


IP Addresses are automatically reported by your browser each time you view a web page. Your IP address is stored in our database when you register on the Website. IP addresses may be used for various purposes, including:
  1. to diagnose or service technology problems associated with the IP addresses controlled by a specific company or ISP;
  2. to estimate the total number of users visiting the Website from specific geographical regions;
  3. to ensure proper conduct of Terms of Use.


The Website logs user activity, such as Stylization creation, specification of particular settings, visiting particular pages on the Website, etc. Activities are stored internally and partially sent to Google Analitics service. These logs may be used for purpoces, including monitoring of the Website's performance, marketing research, customization of the Services. They may also be used for public P&R, marketing and scientific reports about the Services and their performance in anonymized and aggregated over multiple users form.


A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from the Website and stored on your computer's hard drive. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. If you reject all cookies, you will not be able to use the Services in full potential. Advertisers or other entities do not have access to the cookies of the Website.

The Website uses cookies for a number of purposes, including:

  1. to maintain your personalized session after you log in;
  2. keep track of preferences you specify while you are using the Services;
  3. estimate and report our total audience size and traffic;
  4. conduct research to improve content and Services of the Website.


The Website does not rent or sell your personal information. When you submit pictures, they can be used by us and third parties for performance & quality analysis of our Services and for improvement of our Services. When you make your picture public, it becomes visible and accessible to other users. Your public pictures may be used by us to illustrate our image processing algorithms inside research community and for advertisement purposes. Pictures are considered public if they had or used to have such status when the decision to use them by us was made. Your private pictures may be used by us to illustrate our image processing algorithms inside research community and for advertisement purposes only after our request and your approval via email.


Website may update this policy at any time for any reason by uploading its newer version on the Website.

If you have questions left about this agreement, please send us an email to

Version 1.0.